Instagram Marketing Tips for Brands of All Sizes

No one could imagine in past years that social media will get so much into our lives. Today, Instagram has 1 Billion monthly active users. Some people use Instagram for fame. But many business-minded people also use Instagram for marketing purposes.

Since the establishment of Instagram, it has been one of the most used apps and sites globally. Primarily, it is being used to upload photos and some reels.

Film stars and other famous people are also active on Instagram. Other users are not getting that much attention from the audience. So, most marketers are not getting sufficient attention from 1 Billion monthly users on Instagram.

Therefore I am presenting you with some top helpful Instagram marketing tips that will lift your brand so high:

  • Free Instagram Tools
  • Advertisement
  • Instagram Stories
  • Posting

With all of that being said, here are some of the best reasons for brands of all sizes to start taking advantage of what social media and IG have to offer.

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 Free Instagram Tools

If you want to grow your business without spending much money, you can use free Instagram tools. Firstly, you have to switch your profile to “Business profile” by a simple procedure. Then you can use the analytic tool of Instagram, which is called “Insights.”

The insight will give analytics of your every post from impression to views. It will point out every user who comes to your posts, who clicks your posts, views your posts, etc.

As a business or an entrepreneur, you will surely need tools like insight to boost your brand, while also growing your follower count on a daily basis.


Instagram ads are so much vital for those who want to spend some money to get reasonable revenue. Instagram ads are very easy to use and fully in control of the user.

You can set everything with your mindset from bid to demography. You can spend any amount of money on ads. Moreover, you can also choose your audience which you want to target.

Now, Instagram has made it very easy for brands to promote their products through advertisement. Brands have to make sure that they put their best products in the advertisement in the form of:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Instagram Stories
  • Active Ads etc.

Instagram Stories

Most business people on Instagram use Instagram stories for their brands. They are doing so because they are getting the best result.

Some people think that stories are just for 24 hours, so why will they use them. But they have to understand that Instagram stories are somehow very effective when it comes to branding.

That is why one of the most viewed Instagram stories was uploaded by a businessman.

Now, the second thing is what you will post in a story?

  • Convey your message in 2 or 3 seconds.
  • Write an engaging caption.
  • Use call to action by adding any short sentence like “swipe up for…….”.
  • Convince your viewers.


Posting is also an essential part of being a brand on Instagram. You have to make sure that you post everything, including posts, images, videos, and stories, at the right time.

The question here is, “What is the right time?” So, the answer is that you have to understand your audience and their active time. A determined brand has to post at the time when its audience is active on Instagram.

And the second thing in posting is the number of posts. You also have to make sure that you have to post limited images, posts, and other stuff.

Please avoid over-posting because your audience will not see your every post. You will be frustrating due to less revenue, and your audience will not be responsible for all that.


Instagram is a very promising and dominating social media platform for its user all over the world.

No matter where you are or what do you do, you can get something out of it. But the thing is “if you want.” You have to follow the tips that I have mentioned earlier.

Furthermore, you also have to do some homework by yourself to get the best result from Instagram.

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