How to Increase Social Sharing for Blog Content on Mobile Devices

There are two major reasons why blogging can be very difficult and uninteresting; these are low traffic and engagements. 

Nothing is as disheartening and unmotivating when you create a blog/website, spend time creating and posting contents, and you don’t get the desired response and engagements you desire. 

Getting little or no traffic and engagements on your blog is not cool, and there are ways to boost your blog’s traffic and engagements, one of which is by social sharing via mobile marketing.

What is Social Sharing Via Mobile Marketing?

You might be wondering what Social Sharing is. Let’s quickly explain what it is, before moving to how Social Shares can help to grow your blog’s traffic and engagements. 

Social Sharing is the process through which social media users, share blog contents and links on the social media platforms they operate, through their mobile devices. 

This means that folks who are already on social media platforms and already have followers take advantage of their presence on these social spaces, to market brands, blogs, and websites on their gadgets. 

Computer devices are amazing to work with, but working with your mobile devices makes it easier to access these platforms with ease; just like you are casually working on your Facebook, Snap chat or Twitter pages.

Using mobile devices are less stressful, as you can access these platforms on the go, unlike when you are using your laptop or desktop.

The Effectiveness Of Social Media Sharing.

It is no gainsaying, that social sharing is one of the most efficient and effective SEO tools for increased networking and productivity.

There are ways through which social sharing can help increase your blog’s traffic and engagements effectively if utilized correctly.

First and foremost, when your close-knit friends, families, and followers on social media platforms see you share a blog post or link, you get their attention, and they want to know more about what you have shared. 

It is very easy to get the attention of people, through a channel they are familiar with, than through another medium such as paid ads. 

This can only work if you are active on these social media platforms. It can never work if you have not created a bond with some users on these platforms. 

Another way social sharing is effective is that you can monitor your results by yourself.

 When you share your blog posts and links, the number of people who respond either by liking or commenting will help you monitor the number of people you have reached out to. 

Furthermore, social sharing is effective in building and growing your brand, in the sense that social sharing has a ripple effect. 

When you share your brand’s blog/websites with those in your social spaces, there is every possibility they are going to share it too, either as retweets, reposts, and shares. 

This can only be possible if your contents are valuable and captivating. 

In addition, through social sharing, you can get clients and customers faster through information gathering.

If you have an idea of the number of information people drop on their social spaces, you would be shocked. 

A lot of people bare it all on the platforms; their wants, needs, hobbies, favorite stuff, goals and objectives, through this information gathering,  you’d be able to figure out what they want, and how your brand can provide their needs. 

Not to forget that social sharing helps you to build a relationship with your target audience. When folks read contents that blow their minds and catch their interests in their social spaces, they really want to talk about it. 

So don’t be shocked when you see them asking questions or sharing their views in the comments section, that is a plus for you. 

You have succeeded in piercing through to them and getting their attention. Be rest assured that they would look forward to reading from you, and before you know it you have built a great rapport with them. 

Now that we have established the fact that social sharing is very effective in growing your blog’s ranking and engagements.

 It is quite imperative to understand that getting your desired ranking and engagements, goes beyond just posting your blog links and posts on social media platforms. 

How To Grow Your Blog’s Traffic And Engagements Through Mobile Social Sharing

If blogs get traffic and engagements by just posting, then every blogger and brands would sit and relax while the numbers roll in. 

But it is more than just making posts and sharing on your social media platforms via your mobile devices. 

Yes, you have a device through which you can access your platforms anytime and anywhere,  but is that enough? 

Of course, not, there are steps to take to grow your social media presence, other than posting alone. Let’s look at a few tips to enhance your social media presence.

Don’t be on all the social platforms.

If you want to make accountable progress, you can’t afford to be on all the platforms. You need to observe the platforms with the highest number of users and engagements. 

When you do that,  it helps you know the platforms to join, and the ones not to join. 

Create compelling contents 

There are contents and there are contents. There are contents that people won’t read past the first lines.  Why? Because they are not captivating enough. 

The contents you need to up your numbers are those contents that people can relate with. 

When you make contents that are realistic and mind-catching, you’d surely get the desired response. 

This is where the knowledge of your audience comes to play, you need to understand your audience, this will help shapen your contents. 

Be active and consistent. 

Being on social media platforms requires you to be active and consistent. Don’t make posts today, and disappear for the next two days, and post another three days after. 

That doesn’t show that you are serious with what you are doing. 

One of the perks of mobile social sharing is that you are always with your mobile devices, hence you can’t be active on your social media pages. 

Don’t spam your space. 

Do away with lengthy and plenty of posts. Post less. You have to schedule your posts. Give people time to see and react to one post, before dropping another.

Work with visuals. 

Nothing catches the attention of people than good visuals accompanying a post. You need to accompany your posts with images and videos that will capture their interests at first sight. 

Getting terrific traffic and engagements on your blog and website via your mobile devices is achievable through the tips shared above. 

The beautiful thing is that almost all these social media platforms have apps for mobile devices, this makes it easier to access and post contents quickly. 

Not only that, with your mobile devices, you can get a lot done in minutes then you can do for hours on your laptop or desktop. 

Mobile marketing is the real deal for brands and bloggers who want to reach their desired audience swiftly and easily. 

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